About Us


We are a well established trading company situated in Malaysia. We have been in this industry for many years and have earned superb reputation in our business circle. We offer a large variety of Tropical Sawn Timber.

We have excellent sources and reliable network to fulfill the market. Being a leader in the industry, we continue to supply high quality of tropical sawn timber & timber products and our professional services in order to meet our customers demand and satisfactions.


Our main objectives are to promote the Malaysian timber trade and develop the market for timber products globally; to promote the development of the timber industry by expanding the industry's manufacturing technology base, increasing value-adding in production and increasing the pool of knowledge workers, to augment the supply of raw materials for the timber-processing industries.


  • Provide highest quality products & services to customers at reasonable price
  • Building & cultivating a strong relationship based on mutual respect and trust with our customers, suppliers, employees, government and business partners
  • Efficient and effective management
  • Improve our product line to meet customers and market demand
  • Working in team, open communication, and be result-oriented


  • Timber Products
  • Sawn Timber
  • Wooden Bar
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Wooden Crates
  • Wooden Boxes/ Cases
  • Construction Wood
  • Furniture Wood
  • Plywood

Our Products

Wooden Pallet
We manufacture various types of  wooden pallets and crates. We  also  deal  in  unassembled  pallets, pre-cut timber and  provide packaging services. Our  company is  widely acclaimed  for  our  experience  in   designing  all   kinds  of  pallets  and  crates according  to  the  needs  of  our customers. Pallets are therefore made  to  the customer's exact specifications.


We build pallets from selected high-grade hardwoods and softwoods board for strength and durability. This will provide maximum safety for your product during transport and storage and create a long-lasting, heavy-duty pallet that goes the distance.


We make heavy-duty pallets in any sizes you need and we are ready to custom design for special sizes. You can count on our pallets as our top priority is to ensure our customer's satisfaction through Quality Products, Fast Delivery, Good Service & Competitive Pricing. We serve a growing number of customers as their value-added, single-source supplier.